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Maggie lyrics - Colin Hay

When I first set eyes on you
First you beat me up
Then you kissed me too

We'd throw stones into the sea
There were no others there
Just you and me

Across the bridge
And down the lane
I knew I loved you then
You said you did the same

Oh Maggie
What have you done?
I should have seen it coming
And to your side I'd run

Oh Maggie
Come to me tonight
I will wait up for you
Make sure you're alright
I miss you

You taught me how to sink or swim
When I was scared that day
You just pushed me in

And when nobody was around
You let me kiss you then
And there the love I found

I said, I'd never let you go
You just smiled at me
How was I to know

Oh Maggie
What am I to do?
How can I live with only memories of you?

Oh Maggie
Tell me the truth
When your ship was sinking
Did you think it through?
I miss you

You were the fountain of my youth
And when I fumbled
You showed me what to do

And when we were both 17
You left me standing there
But you were never mean

And when I saw you out with him
He looked much older
And you looked very thin

I hadn't heard from you in years
And then your mama called
She couldn't speak for tears

She said you left me a note
Inside my pocket burns
With these words you wrote

Hey, darlin' boy
Don't you cry for me
I am forever yours
Now that I am free

We'll be together
Throw stones into the sea
There'll be no others there
Just you and me

I miss you
Maggie's gone

I think you came the other night
You stroked my brow
Your eyes were full of light

It may have only been a dream
When I will walk with you
To places I never have been

Maggie's gone

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